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Nutritionists Indemnity Insurance

As a nutritionist, you provide advice on matters concerning food and its impact on health, to support the nutritional needs of your clients. Your role is pivotal to the lives of many people in your community, but despite your efforts, there's no way you can please everyone.

The odds of meeting someone who accuses you of professional negligence are high. When this happens, the only thing that can protect you, your job and your reputation is professional indemnity insurance.

What is Indemnity Insurance?

Whether you have completed a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine, or are currently working towards this qualification, it pays to understand what professional indemnity insurance is and why you need to have one. 

Having a certain level of indemnity insurance cover will protect you against claims that could be made against you and your work in the future. Whether the allegation is true or not, you can rest assured that your insurance provider has your back and will take care of any amount that may be charged against you. 

If you don't have professional indemnity insurance, or you're having second thoughts about availing one, take the time to speak with an insurance provider to get a clear picture of its benefits. Otherwise, you may consult a colleague who's been in the nutrition industry long enough to know the dire financial consequences of being held legally liable.

How Can Nutritionists be Eligible for Indemnity Insurance?

To be able to apply for professional indemnity insurance, you need to submit a certified copy of your qualifications to your preferred insurance provider. However, most if not all insurance companies have partnered with professional organisations for nutritionists

Nutritionists aren't regulated like dietitians are in Australia, so being a member of an industry body is crucial to gain access to professional indemnity insurance. What's more, the insurance premiums that you're likely to pay as a registered member of a peak body could be 40 or 50 per cent less than what you would pay as a non-member.

Protecting your job from onerous events which may potentially crop up in the future is just as important as teaching people how to consume the right foods to maintain optimal health. If you work without the protection of professional indemnity insurance, you run the risk of putting your career and reputation as a nutritionist on the line.

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FAQs About Insurance for Nutritionists in Australia

Are nutritionists covered under insurance?

Australians who avail nutrition advice or services may claim a rebate from their private health fund provider if they are financially incapable. Nutritionists who are covered by insurance earn significantly more than those who aren't.

Why do I need indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance pays for the legal costs that you may incur if a client holds you liable for any injury or loss they may have suffered resulting from your professional negligence.

What does an indemnity insurance policy cover?

Your professional indemnity insurance policy protects you and your practice from any claims against financial or property loss or injury that your client may have suffered due to following your professional advice.

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