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Too busy to exercise

Too busy to exercise

Too busy to exercise? Never with these tips from the ACPE Academy

When you are a busy parent and too busy to exercise, finding time to exercise can be as difficult as finding time to sleep! Between the school drop-offs, soccer games and swimming lessons, finding time for your own sporting activities can seem impossible. Well thankfully the experts at the ACPE Academy have gotten together to create this list of tricks that us parents can use to ensure we get the exercise time we need (and deserve).

5 ways to exercise with (and around) your kids

Workout with your kids:

Whether you create a fitness course out the back or you go for a group walk on the beach, getting your kids involved will not only keep them healthy (and hopefully quiet), but it will also allow you to get your fitness on.

Invest in a hiking pram:

If you are a new parent or you are finding it difficult to exercise around your baby, then take them with you! Daily walks outside can help improve not only your mood but also that of your child.

Join a gym with childcare:

Problem solved! If you need the structure of a gym class or the motivation from a Personal Trainer, then joining a gym that has childcare facilities is perfect for you. Just search around your local area until you find something you like (and don’t forget to check out the local RSL’s and gyms!).

Invest in come workout DVD’s:

If you don’t have time to leave the house then don’t! While the kids are having their nap or before they get up for the day, just pop in a DVD and do a workout. With so many different programs available, you can choose the right workouts for your needs – hello Pilates!

Something is better than nothing:

When things get busy, just remember that any length of time you spend working out is good. When you time to walk around the block – that counts. When you take the stairs instead of the elevator – that counts! Don’t punish yourself for not completing that one-hour gym session, instead celebrate the fact that you still got out of your chair and moved today!

ACPE Academy specialises in providing fitness, management and sport development courses to passionate individuals around Australia. On campus and online courses are also available.

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