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Why Visit a Nutritionist?

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Mar 05, 2021

Why Visit a Nutritionist?

Low carb, high GI, low calorie, high protein… nutritional information can be confusing, especially since so much of it is conflicting. A nutritionist can help demystify nutrition and steer you on the right track towards a healthier diet and lifestyle. In this article we look at the role of the nutritionist and why you might consider consulting one.

What Is a Nutritionist?

Think of a nutritionist as your partner in health. Nutritionists take a holistic approach to helping their clients eat better and exercise more effectively. They recognise that every person has a unique set of beliefs, experiences, habits, genetics and a whole lot of other things, so they work on all of these facets to get to the underlying reason of their problem and restore balance to their mind, body and spirit.    

As nutritionist Amanda Fraser says in her article, "I endeavour to improve the quality of life for the person that has entrusted me with their health."

How a Nutritionist May Help You

Using food as medicine and lifestyle modification are the major tenets of nutrition, plus a nutritionist may recommend natural plant-based supplements when necessary. That being the case, they help their clients to maintain a balanced diet to keep diseases at bay or to make their condition easier to manage.

A nutritionist is a proponent of natural whole foods that keep the cells, organs, tissues and different organ systems in the body healthy and functioning. So, if you're seeking the help of a nutritionist in hopes of feeling better, lighter and healthier, expect to overhaul your pantry soon, filling it with foods in their natural state as opposed to processed food items.

What Conditions Can a Nutritionist Help With?

Working with a nutritionist is a vital step to improving your health and achieving your goals. Whether you have vitamin deficiency, weight issues, skin problems or are at risk of developing a chronic condition, a nutritionist can assist you in picking the right foods and developing healthy eating habits. Here below are some conditions that a nutritionist can help you with?

Weight Problems

If you've tried to lose weight in the past by following all kinds of diet plans, but found yourself disappointed with the results, a nutritionist can help you understand nutrition and create a healthy eating and exercise plan to help you shift those unwanted kilos. They'll also help you navigate the challenges of weight loss and keep you on track.


Prenatal and postnatal care involves getting enough nutrients for you and your baby. A nutritionist can help by devising a comprehensive eating plan for pregnancy and beyond. They can even provide you with a list of sources for folic acid, calcium, vitamin B complex as well as vitamins A, C and D, to prevent birth defects and help you and your baby maintain strong bones, sharp minds and healthy skin.

Eating Disorders

Nutritionists take anorexia and bulimia very seriously. They know for a fact that it's more than just a metabolic disorder. When handling cases like this, they work closely with other holistic health practitioners like dietitians and psychologists, to make sure that their client gets adequate nutrition and guidance in shifting their thinking and behaviour patterns.

Digestive Issues

Problems such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and acid reflux can be treated with better nutrition. Your nutritionist will be able to pinpoint the foods that are causing poor digestion and help you reduce or eliminate them from your diet.

Disease Prevention

Research has shown that many conditions such as diabetes and some cancers can be prevented (or at least improved) with adequate nutrition and exercise. After taking a full assessment of your health and reviewing your family background and medical history, a nutritionist can work out a nutritional plan to enhance your general wellbeing and reduce your risk of developing any of these conditions.

Overall Health

You don't have to be overweight or suffering from symptoms of a disease to see a nutritionist. Many people consult an expert to improve their general health and enjoy a full and healthy life. A holistic nutritionist will gently guide, inspire and educate you along your wellness journey.

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FAQs About Visiting a Nutritionist

Does seeing a nutritionist work?

Yes, seeing a nutritionist will massively improve your health. A nutritionist can increase your energy levels and prevent ailments and chronic diseases by recommending the right foods.

Can a nutritionist give me a meal plan?

No, nutritionists aren't authorised to prescribe meal plans. Only dietitians can do this. But a nutritionist can help you develop healthier eating habits to improve the functions of your mind and body.

Will a nutritionist help me lose weight?

Yes, a nutritionist can suggest whole foods to include in your daily diet to reduce your calorie intake. However, if you suffer from a medical condition, you would need to consult your GP or a dietitian.

Is seeing a nutritionist covered by insurance?

Yes, you can claim a rebate from your private health funds for visiting a nutritionist. You may contact your insurance provider to ask about your level of coverage for nutritional counselling.

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