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5 Ways to Boost Your Bone Health Early

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Last Updated Aug 21, 2020

Osteoporosis is a condition that affects your bones. There ware ways you can boost your bone health early - lets explore them! It is characterised by weakened bones that fracture easily. In some people, osteoporosis means a fracture can occur even due to a minor fall or light bump.

The time when you can influence your peak bone mass the most is in the first two decades of your life.  This can mark the beginning stages of osteoporosis prevention by getting enough calcium and vitamin D and doing bone-strengthening exercise. If you are 20 or over, it is never too late to adopt bone-preserving habits, so there's no need to be discouraged.

The following five strategies can help you develop bone strength as a hedge against developing osteoporosis.

Monitor your diet

Through the foods you eat, you can get enough calcium and vitamin D. These include:

  • dairy products
  • calcium fortified orange juice
  • fruits provide other minerals crucial to bone health, such as magnesium and phosphorus
  • vegetables provide other minerals crucial to bone health, such as magnesium and phosphorus
  • grains provide other minerals crucial to bone health, such as magnesium and phosphorus

Maintain a reasonable weight

When is comes to the menstrual cycle for women, they can often stop if you are very underweight.  This can occur due to a poor diet or excessive exercise.  This usually means that estrogen levels are too low to support bone growth.

Don't smoke and limit alcohol intake

Smoking and too much alcohol can decrease bone mass.

Make sure your workouts include weight-bearing exercises

Regular weight-bearing exercise such as walking, dancing, or step aerobics can protect your bones.

Talk with your doctor about your risk factors

Certain medical conditions (such as celiac disease) as well as some medications (steroids and others) can increase your chances of developing osteoporosis. When these factors are a consideration, it is important to talk with your doctor to develop a prevention strategy that will counteract the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Originally published on Apr 23, 2018

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