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Amnesia & Natural Therapy

Nov 02, 2021

Amnesia & Natural Therapy

It is always beneficial to use natural amnesia treatments because they have fewer side effects and they are as effective as amnesia drugs. People with amnesia can benefit from lifestyle changes, such as exercise and a healthy diet, as well as herbal treatments and mind-body therapies such as meditation. This article delves into natural remedies that are worth trying either alone or in conjunction with conventional medicine. 

What is Amnesia and How Can it be Treated?

Amnesia is a state in which memory becomes impaired to the point in which it cannot be fully restored. Amnesia can result in high levels of distress for patients and their families due to the nature of losing memories. It was found that amnesia is most common between ages 55 and 85, but younger people can also be affected by amnesia disorders if they're not careful.

Amnesia has many different causes such as brain injuries, traumatic events, diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's disease, tumours and strokes; these are just some of the more common causes. Other possible causes include bacterial infections, brain lesions and mental disorders.

However, amnesia can also occur due to illicit drug usage or taking of amnesia drugs that are prescribed by doctors for medical conditions. These amnesic drugs include anesthesia, anticonvulsants, analgesics and sedatives.

Amnesia is treated with pharmacological strategies, also known as cognitive enhancers, which aim to restore memory function. These medications include cholinesterase inhibitors, NMDA receptor antagonists and amantadine. However, this method of treatment can have many adverse effects including:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Restlessness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Weight gain

That said, it is best to use natural remedies for amnesia where possible. Here we discuss natural remedies for amnesia which can help with all types of amnesia, whether it is retrograde amnesia, anterograde amnesia, post-traumatic amnesia, etc. 

Natural Remedies for Amnesia

Natural treatments for amnesia are the best way forward when treating amnesia as they are more likely to be effective but are less likely to have side effects. Herbs for amnesia are gaining popularity, and so are a wide array of vitamins and minerals, exercise routines, healthy foods and lifestyle modifications. Natural remedies for amnesia can be taken with other medications or alongside conventional drugs without causing any problems.

Herbs for Amnesia

There are many different herbs that have memory boosting properties and can therefore be used to treat amnesia naturally. Herbal remedies for amnesia are extremely effective, particularly ginkgo biloba that has been used for improving learning capacity and memory enhancement in people who suffer from amnesia.

Siberian ginseng is another wonder herb used to stimulate the nervous system and central organs. It can treat amnesia, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and erectile dysfunction. It has shown positive effects in improving memory lapses as well.

Black Cohosh contains actein, which has been attributed with antiamnesic effects. It is most often used to treat amnesia, PMS, menopause related symptoms and osteoporosis.

Fenugreek seeds are known to be rich sources of vitamins A, B complex, C and E. They are also a good source of magnesium, thiamine and phosphorus. These are most commonly used to boost brain function.

Ginkgo biloba is the oldest species of tree in existence and has been used as a natural remedy for amnesia, Alzheimer's disease, mood swings, PMS and depression. Gingko biloba extracts are reported to be capable of reducing amnesia caused by anticholinergic drugs.

Pine bark antiamnesic properties and therefore can be used to treat amnesia. It is also used to treat asthma, high blood pressure and varicose veins.

Rosemary boasts antiamnesic properties. Because it has an anti-inflammatory effect, it is the ideal natural treatment for amnesia caused by Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

Vitamins & Minerals for Amnesia

There are many vitamins and minerals that have a vital role in our body including memory function. Memory boosting vitamins can be obtained from green leafy vegetables and fruits in vibrant colours. You can also source them from nutritional supplements. The following vitamins and minerals should be included into your natural antiamnesic treatment regime.

Folic acid is essential in the production of new cells. It prevents anaemia and supports healthy neurological function. Folic acid has been shown to improve memory function in amnesia patients. Dark green, leafy vegetables, beans, whole grains, seafood, fruits and eggs are excellent sources of this vitamin B9.

Vitamin B6 helps prevent amnesia and other cognitive disorders, including memory loss. It is antiamnesic which has been shown to improve memory function in amnesia patients. You can source it from fatty fish like salmon and tuna, poultry meat and beef liver.

Zinc aids in neurological development and functions. It also helps prevent amnesia and a host of other brain diseases. Red meat, dairy products, shellfish, seeds and legumes are high in zinc.

Manganese is a natural mineral that helps with memory function. It is especially useful in treating anomic aphasia where the sufferer has lost the ability to speak. Seafood, nuts, potato, whole wheat bread and brown rice provide high levels of this mineral.

Vitamin B12 is another natural remedy for amnesia which can restore brain cell metabolism and therefore increase cognitive function. Cheese, milk, organ meat, and fortified foods are packed with this essential nutrient.

Exercise for Amnesia

Engaging in physical activity regularly increases blood flow to the brain, which is beneficial for people with memory issues. However, amnesiacs should avoid strenuous exercise as it can have negative effects. Playing chess and solving jigsaw puzzles are as beneficial as walking, dancing and aerobics. So, if you couldn't make it outdoors, engage in plenty of mental exercises. In addition to Sudoku, painting, writing and playing a musical instrument are other worthwhile activities to improve your cognitive skills.

Nutrition for Amnesia

Maintaining a healthy diet is good for your mind and body. Add more servings of fruits, vegetables and whole grains to your plate, while cutting down on sugar and alcohol as they contribute to memory loss. Also, make sure that your daily diet is packed with thiamine, an essential nutrient that aids brain cell metabolism and reduces the risk of dementia, Alzheimer's disease and other conditions that cause memory loss.

Meditation for Amnesia

Meditation can improve your memory and reduce the risk of developing amnesia. It reduces stress, stimulates brain chemicals and enhances focus, which are all essential to the health of the mind. There are different types of meditation that you can do while seated quietly, while in motion, in a group or by yourself. 

Relaxation Techniques for Amnesia

Adopting a positive mindset can be beneficial to amnesia patients as it promotes healthy mental functioning. Keep stress at bay by practising breathing and relaxation techniques. This will not only calm your mind and body but also consolidate memories.

Natural treatments can be beneficial for amnesia sufferers in many ways. But in order for these to work, lifestyle changes should also be made. In addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, getting adequate sleep is important. During sleep, you cement in your mind the memories you acquire during the day, so that you can refer to them in the future. 

Natural health professionals who specialise in a variety of modalities can also support your brain health. Check out the Natural Therapy Pages' full listing of practitioners to find one nearest you.

FAQs About Treatments for Amnesia

What is the easiest way to cure amnesia?

Amnesia has no specific cure as it is brought about by a brain trauma or a traumatic experience. Once the brain has fully recovered, most of its symptoms disappear. For a speedy recovery, new learning methods and organisation skills are crucial.

How can I help someone with amnesia?

Dealing with daily life is a big challenge for a person with amnesia. Encourage them to remember the life they had before they had the incident that ruined their memory. Show them pictures of past events, list their routine, and talk to them about their favourite activities.

What happens if amnesia is not treated?

The treatment approach for amnesia depends on the cause. Whether it was a direct injury to the brain or a distressing experience does not matter. A person with amnesia must receive proper treatment, lest they develop a condition called Korsakoff psychosis, which combines symptoms of anterograde and retrograde amnesia.

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