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What are the Challenges of Being a Natural Therapist in Australia?

What are the Challenges of Being a Natural Therapist in Australia?

Natural therapists use a safe, holistic approach in the assessment of health and treatment of disease. They base their prescribed remedies on the client's genetics, eating habits, lifestyle, family history, environment and relationships, among other factors. Simply put, they get to the bottom of the problem, as opposed to treating only the symptoms of an illness and providing temporary relief.

Despite the effectiveness of their methods and being accepted by the general public, who spend more than $4 billion on complementary therapies and natural health products each year, natural therapists in Australia continue to face different levels of challenges in their work.

The Pains of Being a Natural Therapist

The majority of the modalities under the complementary medicine umbrella remains unregulated to this day, leaving legitimate natural therapists and their clients defenceless. Not being covered by a statutory registration scheme means anyone, including those with no formal training, can claim to be a natural therapist. In case a complaint is lodged against them for malpractice, it will tarnish the reputation of qualified practitioners of different modalities.  

It's a good thing that unregulated natural therapists in Australia can register with professional associations that represent their profession and set education and ethical standards for members. Massage therapists, aromatherapists, naturopaths, kinesiologists and practitioners of Western herbalism, among others, remain self-regulated but protected by their respective organisations.

Choosing the Perfect Location

Several natural therapists in Australia also struggle with finding the perfect location for their practice. The cost of setting up an office, combined with the uncertainty of attracting your target clients, is a real predicament. If you need a clinic or a workspace, you'll find renting a room in your local area much cheaper than having to build an office from scratch. 

Attracting the Right People

Nothing can be more frustrating than watching your funds drain in advertising costs and not receiving any enquiries or bookings from potential clients. But the good thing is that a lot of resources are now available to help market a natural therapy business, including online or digital marketing.

Or maybe you're not using the right platform to be more visible such as the Natural Therapy Pages. Listing your practice on Australia's go-to site for more than 10,000 health and wellness practitioners will not only get more eyeballs on your website but also drive more people to your doorstep. All you have to do is craft a professional profile that mirrors your expertise and qualifications. People want to know how you can address their problems, so be straightforward in your profile.

More and more people are relying on natural therapists in Australia to help them address their health issues. As one, don't let the difficulties you encounter,  whether small or big, dampen your spirits and hinder you from being the best therapist anyone can ever find. Maintaining your grit and finding yourself the right support team will lead you to your goals.

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FAQs About Being a Natural Therapist in Australia

Is naturopathy regulated in Australia?

No, naturopathy, along with Western herbal medicine and other natural therapies, remains unregulated in Australia. Certified naturopaths are registered with ARONAH, which sets the minimum education standards for herbalists and naturopaths.

Is Naturopathy a good career?

Yes, earning a qualification in naturopathy can lead to a rewarding career. As a naturopath, you will be able to treat and prevent a wide range of conditions using a variety of healing modalities, including homeopathy, counselling, nutrition and herbal medicine.

How much money does a naturopath make?

According to the data of compensation research companies, the salary of a naturopath in Australia ranges from $65,000 to $117,373 per year. Note that the actual figures depend on the place where they work, their qualifications and level of experience.

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