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Marketing Yourself as a Nutritionist

Marketing yourself as a nutritionist in Australia doesn't require any groundbreaking techniques or expensive tools. Once you've earned your qualification from an accredited course and gained membership with ANTA and other peak bodies, you already got one foot in the door. You may encounter challenges along the way, but these will not in any way hold you back from your success. Here below are 5 tried-and-tested marketing tactics that will quickly get the word out about you.

1. Find a Problem to Solve

Everybody's health is like a test paper with endless questions, and there's no way that anyone can get that elusive perfect score. As a nutritionist, you pretty much know the answers to anything about dietary guidelines and can help people make the right food choices to improve their condition. However, instead of playing jack-of-all-trades, solving one major problem will unveil your expertise and people will want to see you again in the future and tell others about you. 

2. Consider People in Close Proximity

The air of familiarity between neighbours simplifies the process of marketing your services. You can have a casual chat with them over the fence and mention that you've finally earned your qualification in nutrition and would love to be of help to them. However, if you find this approach too forward for your taste, you can hand out your business card and brochure instead. Your neighbours will love that they finally have someone nearby whom they can turn to for expert advice when it comes to their family's nutritional needs.

3. Adopt a Successful Marketing Model

Explore successful marketing strategies you can use for your career. They don't exactly have to be what more experienced practitioners in your field use. It can be any marketing model with marked success, say, for massage therapists, counsellors or fitness trainers. If that marketing practice worked for them, then applying the exact formula can also work for you. All you have to do is change the variables.

Suppose a massage therapist used "Best Treatment for Sports Injuries" in the subject field of their email campaign or on their Facebook ad, you may go for "Fail-proof Meal Plans" in yours. Of course, you want to add the conditions which you specialise in to draw the attention of target recipients.

4. Join a Health Fair

Health fairs offer you the opportunity to meet potential clients in droves, so it pays to be present in every single one of them. Prepare to draw them to your booth with delectably healthy presentations bearing the theme of the fair. So, if it's for colon cancer awareness, for instance, you want to display trays of fruits, grains and green, leafy vegetables whipped up into palatable meals.

5. Be Found on the Natural Therapy Pages

All of your marketing efforts will go to waste if people can't find you online. So, following on from step #3, getting yourself and your services listed on the Natural Therapy Pages is crucial to your success. In fact, when you come to think of it, this is the simplest way to market yourself as a nutritionist as it requires minimal work but vast opportunities. Check out other articles for marketing your natural therapy business.

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FAQs About Marketing a Nutrition Business

Can you be a nutritionist from home?

Yes, absolutely! As a nutritionist, you can work in any healthcare setting or set up your private practice at home and set your own hours.

When can you call a nutritionist?

Anyone in Australia can call themselves a nutritionist because this title isn't regulated like dietitian is. However, only people who have completed a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Nutrition are qualified to practise the modality on a professional level.

What qualities should a nutritionist have?

Besides the passion for promoting health and wellness through nutrition education, a nutritionist must possess people skills, excellent interpersonal skills, a high level of business aptitude, and the ability to motivate others to stay on top of their health.

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