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Volunteering As a Life Coach

Volunteering As a Life Coach
Life coaches know only too well the value of setting goals and achieving them. If you want to share the benefits of your profession with as many people as possible you might consider volunteering as a life coach.

Various Ways to Volunteer as a Life Coach

If you’re just starting out as a life coach then volunteering with another life coach or life coaching organisation will give you much-needed hands-on experience. If you’re already established in your career you might consider volunteering with a not-for-profit organisation.

Volunteering as a Life Coach Helps People Overcome Obstacles

For many people a life coach is simply out of the question. They may not have a job, a home or any goals. They may feel so overwhelmed that they think their problems are insurmountable. If you’re prepared to work with people in such circumstances then you could volunteering as a life coach with a not-for-profit organisation. 

Volunteer Your Life Coaching Expertise

If you have a particular area of expertise such as financial planning tell the charity. Alternatively you could contact an organisation that helps people in circumstances you’re interested in. For example, if you want to work with unemployed people, contact an employment service. If you want to work with women affected by domestic violence, contact a women’s refuge. You’ll need to be adaptable and accepting and should be prepared to commit to working with a client on a long-term basis. Also be aware that you may be required to undergo security checks.

Mutual Benefit to Volunteering as a Life Coach

Volunteering as a life coach makes a big difference to many people. Your clients gain new direction in their lives. Their families, friends and communities benefit as your client puts their new skills into place. As a volunteer life coach you benefit by gaining new experience and sharing your skills with others. Volunteering as a life coach can be a rich experience for everyone involved.

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