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Air Pollution & Your Health

Mar 31, 2021

Air Pollution & Your Health

Beware of the invisible killer called air pollution. It gets into our bodies as we unknowingly inhale its microscopic ammunition, gradually damaging our organs and tissues until they cease to function. 

There are many contributing factors to air pollution which stem from human activities. Our dependence on fossil fuels is number one on the list. We burn fossil fuel round the clock for electricity and to run cargo and passenger vehicles. We also use it to power industrial equipment like factories and construction machinery, as well as our home appliances like the gas range, heater and air-conditioning system, to name a few.

Smoking cigarettes is another major cause of air pollution. In fact, studies on the global effect of tobacco showed that cigarettes produce higher levels of particulate matter than a diesel car's exhaust. Our very own hands are responsible for producing the killer that is now taking a toll on our health and environment.

How Do Air Pollutants Affect Your Health?

Air pollution remains to be one of the world's biggest problems as it takes millions of lives each year. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) data revealed that around seven million people worldwide die annually due to air pollution exposure.

High levels of air pollutants like nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and radon, among many others, are found to trigger simple ailments to serious medical conditions such as the following:

How to Protect Your Health From Air Pollution

Cleaning the air quality we breathe requires global efforts and collaboration, but we can start with simple, sustainable ways. If you're all for eradicating air pollution and the diseases it brings, consider minimising the use of fossil fuel by doing the following:

Improve ventilation

Rearrange your furniture at home and open the windows to allow air to flow freely in and out. Check for cracks in the floors and walls and fix them immediately to prevent radon from penetrating your home.    

Quit smoking

As you know by now, the smoke emitted by a burning cigarette is just as poisonous as the carbon monoxide blown out from the muffler of a car. Better quit now to protect your health and your loved ones' rather than be sorry tomorrow.

Shift to a Renewable Energy Source

Introduce solar panels to your home and generate electricity directly from the sun to reduce fossil fuel burning. The installation process may be expensive, but its long-term benefits outweigh the initial cost. 

Consider Alternative Transportation

Giving up on the steering wheel and opting to be the passenger by taking public transportation is another great way to reduce fossil fuel combustion. Better yet, you can bike to your destination and improve your heart, lungs and overall circulatory system.

Air pollution is an ongoing problem that world leaders are trying to resolve. However, they couldn't possibly succeed without your cooperation and everybody else's.

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FAQs About Air Pollution & Your Health

Is air pollution a public health problem?

Yes, air pollution is considered a serious public health problem that causes millions of deaths each year. According to research, people exposed to high levels of air pollutants suffer and eventually die from lung cancer, stroke or heart disease.

What are the symptoms of unhealthy air quality?

Your home has poor air quality if you frequently suffer from itchy skin, headache, shortness of breath and dry throat, among others. Ignoring these symptoms may lead to serious lung infections.

Should I walk in unhealthy air quality?

As much as possible, avoid exposing yourself to high levels of air pollutants as these may cause a wide range of serious medical conditions. If you must go outdoors, wear a mask to reduce the filtration of particulate matter into your body.

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