What is Brennan Healing Science?

Energy Healing
Oct 06, 2011
Energy Healing

Brennan Healing Science (BHS) is a branch of energy healing that is described as ‘a comprehensive hands-on healing modality’. With people increasingly looking to natural therapies for their health needs, it is encouraging to see the development of new approaches in this regard. ntpages caught up with Miriam Schafer, a BHS practitioner who has undertaken the required four year training program, to find out more.

How did you come into contact with Brennan Healing Science (BHS)?

“My spiritual journey began more consciously in the early 1990s when I was working for the United Nations (UN) in Vienna.  I was a member of the Esoteric Club there and a friend introduced me to the works of Barbara Brennan ('Hands of Light' and 'Light Emerging').  A few years later, I was transferred to the Gaza Strip and after working there for 18 months I realised I wanted to do something more with my life.  It was one of those major crossroads and I remembered that Barbara Brennan had a school in New York.  So I decided to move to the US to enrol in the four year program.  Initially it was all about my own healing journey and personal transformation, but I soon came to realise that I wanted to make this my new vocation.”

What exactly is Brennan Healing Science?

“BHS is a comprehensive hands-on healing modality based on the human energy consciousness system and its relationship to health and disease.  It restores well-being on all levels, i.e. physical, emotional, relational, psychological and spiritual.  There is a real focus on the importance of good grounding, which enables us to live in the physical world more fully and successfully, as spiritual human beings.  I have a particular passion for the “Hara” dimension, which enables a deeper alignment with our life purpose or soul’s journey.   This track of the Brennan work was life-changing for me and I love seeing how it brings positive change to the lives of my clients as well.”

Tell us a little about the human energy field and how it can be accessed to effect healing.

“There are seven layers to our energy field or aura each with a specific function. A trained practitioner can access these layers and clear the debris that tends to build up over time.”

Can you give a practical example of this?

“I have clients who have come to me with depression.  Invariably, there has been quite a build-up of what Barbara calls 'emotional clouds' in a particular layer of their energy field.  Once this 'fog' gets cleared – which can take several sessions (depending on how long the condition has existed) - people tend to feel like a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders or from their heart.  It's wonderful to see someone get freed up from carrying such a burden.  They are then able to move forward, much lighter and more at peace.”

What conditions can Brennan Healing Science treat?

“BHS can address the whole A to Z of conditions.  There is no ailment or issue that I would exclude.  This ranges from physical problems, injuries, post-surgical conditions, back pain, any kind of relationship issue to anything affecting the spirit or soul. People often come with themes of seeking a clearer direction in their life or feeling like they are not living in accordance with their own dreams and aspirations.  I work a lot in the realm of “Hara” to address these aspects of the soul's purpose, and also in 'Core Star' dimension, which highlights and brings forth more of the person's unique gifts and talents.  They are then able to reunite with their own core qualities and divine essence.”

Can you use Brennan Healing Science with other modalities?

“The beauty of BHS is it is absolutely safe to use with any other form of treatment.”

Can you describe a consultation?

“Before clients see me they fill out an intake form and a consent form.  The first session takes a couple of hours, with the first hour devoted to exploring together what my client's needs and intentions are.  We also incorporate a piece of astrology, i.e. the north node of their chart, which mirrors their path of highest potential in this lifetime.  This is an exciting piece of the jigsaw.  Part two of the session is the actual energy work."

What timeframe do you need with a client?

“I recommend three sessions initially. This gives people the opportunity to get a more tangible sense of the power of the work and to start to see real shifts in their daily life.   Some people ‘get it’ immediately, whereas others can take a little while longer.”

What tools do you have at your disposal?

 “Some of the tools of BHS are chakra restructuring, relational cord healing, spine cleaning, clearing past-life objects, spiritual surgery, organ restructuring, clearing emotional debris, clearing astral debris, Hara healing, Core Star healing - to name a few.

Can Brennan Healing Science consultations be done over the phone?

“Yes, I do distance consultations which are similar to an in-person session except I follow up with a debrief call the next day, for us to have two-way feedback.  I have distance clients throughout Australia and overseas.  We either connect through a land-line or on Skype.”

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