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BodyTalk for Injury

Dec 02, 2020

BodyTalk is a holistic approach to supporting the body's natural healing process. It is based on the principle that healing can be achieved when the whole person is taken into account, as opposed to treating separate parts of the body. The proper application of this modality can eliminate all sorts of physical ailments and injuries as well as psychological and emotional disorders.

What is the BodyTalk System?

Developed by Australian chiropractor Dr John Veltheim in the 90s, the BodyTalk System works with the body's innate intelligence to trigger its natural healing mechanism. This isn't a new phenomenon as every single one of us has seen and experienced it several times. 

Remember when you fell off the bike as a child, got a bruise and it healed on its own? What about the time when you cut your finger in the kitchen with a knife, washed off the oozing blood and left your skin to close up on its own? In those instances, your body manifested its inherent healing powers. But, those powers can dwindle as a result of disharmony between your mind, body, emotions and environment.

With the BodyTalk System, you can restore your whole being to a balanced state and keep diseases and various conditions at bay, including:

How Does BodyTalk Work?

Think of a BodyTalk practitioner as no different to a network specialist. They fix the communication lines between the cells and organ systems of the mind and body to improve if not speed up the transmission of messages. During a therapy session, the practitioner identifies the problem in the communication networks in the nervous system using muscle testing. This is then followed by the cortices technique, otherwise known as tapping, which restores balance in the brain and allows the body to process healing.

What is the Cortices Technique?

The cortices technique refers to the tapping of the two sides of the brain to fix the communication lines between them so that they can receive and work on the tasks sent by the different organ systems in the body. The tapping motion is usually focused on the top of the head and chest.  

How Can BodyTalk Treat Injuries?

When you're suffering from a twisted ankle, a headache or dysmenorrhoea, it hurts so bad that your body ceases to function normally. That's because your brain isn't communicating properly with that part of your body. Once the BodyTalk practitioner employs the tapping technique, your body gets some time to rest, your brain reboots, and a stronger connection between them is built to expedite the healing process.

Tapping doesn't only treat injuries but also prevents them from reoccurring, as the body stores in its database all the changes encoded by the brain during the treatment session. BodyTalk has been proven effective in addressing all kinds of physical injuries, especially when used alongside other natural therapies like physical therapy, Pilates and chiropractic.

Don't put up with pain and injury any longer. Let the Natural Therapy Pages help you find a qualified BodyTalk practitioner in your area to zap it in a flash.

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FAQs About BodyTalk Therapy & Injuries

What is BodyTalk healing?

BodyTalk is an energy-based healing method that works with every cell and system in the body to restore its natural healing mechanism. This modality is used for treating a variety of mental, physical and emotional health disorders.

Can BodyTalk help with anxiety?

Yes, it certainly can. By working and balancing the 36 energy points located along the meridian pathways, a BodyTalk practitioner can assist the body in eliminating anxiety, stress, depression and trauma.

How do I become a Bodytalk practitioner?

In order to become a certified BodyTalk practitioner, you have to complete the BodyTalk Fundamentals (Mod 1 & 2) with an accredited instructor. Once you have completed your studies, you have to gain membership with the IBA and conduct 50 BodyTalk sessions with a minimum of 15 clients before taking and passing the exam.

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