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Exploring Tapping: EFT Basics & DIY Tapping

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Last Updated Nov 09, 2020

Emofree, also known as tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can be thought of as a form of acupuncture without needles.  You can actually think of it as an emotional form of acupuncture. This is because a disruption in the body's energy systems causes all negative emotions and, because pain and disease is connected with emotion, negative emotions that are unresolved actually contribute quite significantly to pain and disease.  The beauty of EFT is that it can be done anywhere and it can be one of those things that work when nothing else does. 

What is EFT, Basically?

Basically, EFT or tapping is based on the principles of both acupuncture and kinesiology.  The gentle tapping used in this therapy is designed to gently realign the energy system of the body.  Even though it is a form of energy healing, it is different to other energy healing therapies because it incorporates emotions into the healing process by addressing issues that have previously been unresolved.

A negative emotion or emotional experience disrupts the energy pathways or meridians that flow throughout the body.  These disruptions cause physical changes that are then attached to the negative emotion or experience, which affects the way we see the world until that disruption is healed.  If EFT is used properly, the energy meridians are quickly realigned in respect to a person's negative memories, disconnecting the physical discomfort or change that is associated with that negative emotion, and removing the resulting physical symptoms.  Therefore, healing takes place on a conscious and sub-conscious level.  The balancing of the body-mind energy system improves physical wellbeing, emotional health, and performance.

Do It Yourself Tapping Points

Do you like the idea of using EFT to release negative emotions and heal your body?  It is not always necessary to visit an EFT practitioner.  It is a good idea to go for an initial consultation at least so that the practitioner is able to diagnose the severity of your issues and give you a tapping plan that works for you, especially in complicated cases, but there are several tapping exercises that you can do yourself to bring relief.  We've outlined them below.

  • Opposite hand tapping – when tapping, using your non-dominant hand for a day, then your dominant hand in a cycle can help to fully integrate the emotional material that you are working on.  Using both the dominant and non-dominant hands helps to "neutralise" an emotional issue.
  • Argument tapping – while tapping on yourself, voice both sides of an argument with another person or with yourself.  It is important that you alternate the sides of the argument if you are with another person so that you argue both the positive and negative sides.  By arguing, you can help to clear a lot of emotional issues as you are tapping.
  • Refusal tapping – when practicing EFT on yourself, do a full round of refusal tapping as this helps you to get over a particular emotional issue.  When trying to effect change, emotional resistance is very common as we are used to being told what to do or being influenced by other people.  Refusal tapping can be very helpful for chronic physical illnesses.
  • Use the mirror – when tapping, looking in the mirror can help you to absorb positive affirmations and it aids in visualisation.  You will also be able to see the small changes that appear in things such as muscle tone, colour and energy.
  • Singing affirmations as you tap – either sing the round as you move from negative to positive or sing on the second round in order to help yourself more fully absorb the positive statements that you are making.  Singing activates the right side of the brain and having both sides of the brain working allows a more complete emotional and physical health.
  • Thank you tapping – do at least three rounds of thank you tapping in a row.  Have a thank you list of things that you are grateful for such as friends, when things are going well at work, resolving disagreements, health and energy, and so forth.
  • Photo tapping – use old photos to identify feelings, thoughts, and happenings that were occurring as the photos were taken.  You can even use old yearbooks.  Tap a few rounds while you look at yourself and you may find that emotions are brought up that you thought you had previously dealt with.
  • Past tense tapping – after you have done two to three rounds of tapping on your chosen issue, do one more round in the "past tense" so that you can feel what it would be like when you have completely gotten over the issue.  By visualising this, even if you don't feel it, you will feel a great sense of relief.
  • You tapping – while you are tapping for one of your own issues, refer to yourself in the second person over and over.  This can help you to accept your feelings, even if you are not yet ready to forgive yourself.

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Originally published on May 25, 2008

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