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Marketing Strategy for an Ayurveda Practitioner in Australia

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Last Updated Oct 21, 2020

Ayurveda is a holistic practice that encompasses different natural remedies, including herbal medicine, yoga, massage therapy and lifestyle changes. As a practitioner of this form of complementary medicine, the power to help your clients improve the state of their mind, body and spirit is in your hands.

Moreover, it won't take or cost you much to market your practice because Ayurveda has been proven effective in addressing a host of conditions and is way cheaper than other treatment options.

This article shares four effective marketing strategies which an Ayurveda practitioner in Australia like yourself can put to use to get faster onto the road of success. 

1. Focus on your Specialisation

What you give emphasis to in your marketing paraphernalia determines the success or failure of your Ayurveda business. Avoid using general statements (i.e. stating that Ayurveda is a natural remedy that can treat a variety of conditions), but instead, be clear as to how or what you can treat using the modality.

You may focus on your ability to develop a treatment plan specific to a person's dosha, your personally formulated herbal concoctions or the structured Ayurvedic diet that can assist each dosha in reducing stress levels. It has to be something that you do really well as an Ayurveda practitioner.

2. Walk Your Clients Through Your Process 

Give your potential clients a good reason to choose you over others by demonstrating how you can help them restore their bodies' innate healing abilities. Explain in your blog post or YouTube channel the duration for healing simple ailments in comparison to the length of time it takes to address chronic conditions, as well as the factors that come into play during their treatment. They will appreciate how you've taken the effort to walk them through the nitty-gritty of an actual Ayurvedic healing session.

Once you've removed the guesswork, and your customers have clearly understood how you can change their lives for the better, they won't have second thoughts seeking your consultation. Because of your genuineness, compassion and concern for their wellbeing, they will never want to work with anyone else.

3. Identify Your Market

The ability to recognise your ideal clients allows you to save a great deal of money on marketing your practice. Some people will want to try your service once for the sake of satisfying their curiosity. But, you want to aim for those who are willing to pay for Ayurvedic medicine because they believe that it can help improve their health.

Your best clients have a specific need or problem that nobody else can address but you, and there's no other way to spot them than by communicating with them through social media and email. Conducting a survey is a simple yet effective way of finding out who your ideal client is in terms of their needs and wants. This discovery will enable you to solve their problem, which, in turn, will inspire them to spread the word about your practice. 

4. Choose the Best Platform for Reaching Your Ideal Clients

As the number of people relying on complementary medicine continues to grow on a global scale, the demand for an Ayurveda practitioner in Australia has never been greater. Take advantage of this growth by listing your services on the Natural Therapy Pages. As the No. 1 health and wellness site in the country, which draws more than 150,000 visitors every month, your presence on this platform will not go unnoticed and only get you to your goals in the shortest time possible.

Following these four marketing strategies will not only connect you to potential clients across Australia but also catapult your Ayurvedic practice to the peak of success. Feel free to check out other tried-and-tested marketing tips on Natural Therapy Pages.

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Originally published on Oct 14, 2020

FAQs About Marketing a Ayurveda Business

Can we bring Ayurvedic medicine in Australia?

Ayurvedic medicine falls under the category of complementary medicine. This may be distributed in Australia so long as they are registered in the database of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

What is the treatment in Ayurveda?

In Ayurveda, a detoxification process, a special diet, herbal medicine and the practice of yoga are combined to treat the underlying cause of an individual's ailment based on their dosha or body constitution.

Do Ayurvedic doctors use a stethoscope?

Ayurvedic doctors can use a stethoscope to listen to a patient's heartbeat. However, they aren't dependent on said apparatus as they are trained in pulse reading and can diagnose a condition by doing so.

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