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How to Attract Hypnotherapy Clients

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Last Updated Oct 20, 2020

Getting people to undergo hypnotherapy is not as tough as it may seem. Sure, numerous movies have done a great job painting a false picture of the practice一a dangling pendant inducing an individual to sleep before the hypnotist makes them do horrible things beyond their will. But, don't forget that the people who developed this age-old cinematic technique aren't certified hypnotherapists.

You, on the other hand, are a qualified practitioner of clinical hypnotherapy with the credentials to boast. You have the authority to explain what hypnosis actually is and is not. Educating people about the life-changing effects of this modality will swiftly dismiss any false beliefs which they may have and eventually draw them to your practice. 

Here below are five ways to help your target audience understand better how hypnotherapy can improve their physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Focus on a Core Issue 

Hypnotherapy is a unique therapy in itself as it can help with weight loss, nicotine addiction, anxiety and stress management, among other issues. However, people will never know this if you don't talk about it. So, the next time you sit down to vlog or blog about your practice, think up a topic, or a specific condition, close to your heart and explain in detail how hypnotherapy can help resolve it. 

We know that hypnotherapy can help with an array of health conditions, but stick to just one topic per blog post or video so that you can expound on it.

Don't Miss a Question

Social media is the lifeblood of any business these days. Besides being free, it also promotes direct interaction between the business owner and their potential clients, which isn't possible with traditional media platforms like TV and print that provide one-way communication.

When posting hypnosis-related topics on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, keep an eye out for questions about the modality and answer them as generously as you can to help others understand and appreciate the modality more. In fact, why not give a short demonstration and let them experience the rewards of online hypnotherapy? 

Offer Something of Value

What good are words when they couldn't bring any significant change to the listener or reader's life? Value underpins the power of your email marketing strategy.

Every message which you send out must offer something of value to the recipient's life. It could be a short audio-recording of a motivational affirmation to inspire positivity or relaxation, a how-to article about self-hypnosis or an invitation to your pre-talk. Your clients want to feel that you genuinely care about their health and wellbeing. 

Offer a Pre-Talk

Holding a pre-talk about hypnotherapy allows you to demystify hypnotherapy, debunk all misconceptions about it, and explain how a typical session goes about. More importantly, it will help you build rapport and trust with your clients, which is vital to the success of your preliminary session with them.

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Applying these five steps will help you not only draw more people to your hypnotherapy practice but ultimately succeed in guiding them to their life goals.

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Originally published on Oct 09, 2020

FAQs About Marketing a Hypnotherapy Business

How can I promote my hypnotherapy business?

The myths attached to hypnotherapy are the main reason why people are hesitant to try it. So, part of your marketing strategy is to explain the real definition of hypnotherapy, its benefits and how it works so that your potential clients will be able to understand it thoroughly. Giving a demonstration online or within your neighbourhood is also an effective way of promoting yourself as a hypnotist.

Who can benefit from hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy can benefit everybody because it works with the subconscious mind. Whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight, manage stress or pain more effectively, you will be able to obtain immediate results from hypnotherapy.

How do you gain new customers?

Communication and the determination to help others improve their lives will, no doubt, gain you new customers. Engage in hypnotherapy talks on social media, ask your existing clients if they might know of anyone who could need your help, and constantly upgrade your skills through continuing education programs to earn the trust of the public.

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