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Crystal Dreaming for Trauma

Author and Trusted NTP practitioner

Janine Brandon

Crystal Dreaming ® Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Janine lives in Brisbane & is a qualified Advanced Crystal Dreaming Practitioner. She is currently finalising her teacher training & will be running her first Crystal Dreaming™ Practitioner Training Course in Brisbane on Sun, 26th September, and Sat, 2nd / Sun 3rd October this year 2021.
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Aug 27, 2021

Crystal Dreaming for Trauma

Trauma is best described as an event that occurs in our life when we are not strong enough to deal with the emotional impact in that moment. It is usually a violation of our liberty where our rights are not respected and/or an event that we have no  control over or chance to survive. The trauma is stored in our cellular memory in our energy bodies until such time as we feel safe enough to release it.  

Trauma can be carried from lifetime to lifetime until it is released. Trauma or energetic blockages can manifest as physical illness. Physical illness or pain is actually just an arrow pointing to the blockage that is begging to be released.

The Crystal Dreaming™ Process is a non-touch technique that assists people in releasing blocked or negative energy caused by cellular memories of painful life experiences on which their emotional trauma is hinged. A Crystal Mandala layout that was established over 25 years ago, assists the client in accessing an altered state without the use of drugs but through lucid dreaming, where you experience conscious dreams. This altered state, or being in a lucid dream, allows the client to access trauma or blockages stored in their energy field whilst being fully cognisant.

The free will of the client is respected at all times as the practitioner verbally guides the client with sacred affirmations in this safe space to dissolve, release and clear the trauma. The client's higher self also assists the client in accessing only what they are ready to release. All affirmations are based on love, forgiveness and taking back power. 

One of the biggest blockages to people achieving their life plan is having entities or spirits attached to their energy field. These entities attach themselves to people during a traumatic event – a life-threatening situation where the person calls out for help; or unwittingly calls in a negative entity whilst experimenting with energy work without adequate spiritual protection.

Q. What is the main purpose of a Crystal Dreaming™ session?

The purpose of Crystal Dreaming™ is to clear blockages or trauma stored in the energy bodies so that the client can access a heightened state of awareness and create a blissful reconnection with their higher self. Many clients report this state as bliss, as something they have never experienced in this lifetime. This state of bliss is life changing, as the client accesses their higher self it opens their awareness to a new and improved state of being, a higher rate of vibration. When vibrating at this higher rate, lower dimensional energies become apparent and are accessible for release.

Q. Is there any physical contact during the session?

No, Crystal Dreaming™ is a non-touch spiritual healing technique. The client lays in a Crystal Mandala, an intricate crystal grid that carries specific energies, and receives verbal guidance from a qualified practitioner to release attachments and dissolve unwanted or negative agreements, contracts or vows that no longer serve their highest good. These sacred affirmations are based on love and forgiveness. 

Q. Can sessions be done remotely?

Yes, as an Advanced Practitioner, I am qualified to provide remote sessions. This is done via Zoom or Skype hook-up. This process is extremely helpful in dealing with current life extreme physical / sexual abuse or severe injuries as the victim does not need to revisit the scenario. It is also excellent for clearing houses of ghosts, negative entities or just stuck or blocked energy.

Q. What types of traumas are usually dealt with?

To reclaim the life trauma stole from you, it's crucial that you address repressed memories through a lucid dream. Physical pain, recurring injuries to the same area of the body, inability to conceive, sexual dysfunction, relationship issues, lack of abundance or ability to prosper financially, feeling burdened or overwhelmed or just stuck, lack of drive and  purpose in life, inability to make and maintain deep connections or to find and connect with your soul tribe, family issues or karmic patterns handed down the family line. Combining the powers of crystal healing and lucid dreaming can resolve all of these, as well as mental health issues that emerge from traumatic events that are almost always likened to bad dreams.

Q. What is the cost of a Crystal Dreaming™ session?

Cost is $180.00 for both the Crystal Mandala session and the Remote Session. The  session lasts for approximately an hour (usually an hour and a half).

I find that people drawn to Crystal Dreaming are truth seekers and willing to undertake the work to progress on their spiritual journey. I have studied many forms of energy work and travelled extensively in my own personal search to eventually find what I believe to be the most effective form of energy healing on the planet today. A lot of my clients are so impressed by the results obtained during a session that they go on to be practitioners themselves, assisting family and friends or to start up their own CD business.  

Crystal Dreaming™ is a technique that was established over 25 years ago and has  provided thousands of people just like you with amazing healing results. The Crystal Dreaming™ process was created by Master Raym Richards in 1994. Raym currently lives in Byron Bay NSW; he is a healer, author and teacher of the process. 

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FAQs About Crystal Dreaming

How do the crystals work in Crystal Dreaming?

When crystals are placed around the body in a crystal mandala, the molecular structure of the body's energy interacts with the divine energy of the crystals. An altered state of consciousness may result from this, which may lead to a shamanic journey or Crystal Dreaming.

How does crystal dreaming feel like?

Crystal dreaming has reportedly been described as an amazing experience by many people. As well as being relaxing and energizing, their beautiful crystal journey provided them with life-changing messages.

Do you see things during the crystal journey?

While most people report seeing images during their healing session, this is not always the case. You may be able to see things if your dominant clair sense is clairvoyance.

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