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Attending College Open Days

Last Updated Aug 21, 2020

Thinking of studying a course in natural therapies but are not quite sure where to start? Did you know that most colleges run open days where you can visit their campus and interact with a range of staff, students and even attend lectures and workshops?

An open house gives you the chance to explore the facilities available at a learning institution and get a feel of the culture of the campus and to talk to staff. It is a perfect opportunity to ask questions about courses, facilities and gain firsthand information in a face-to-face setting.

This is a guide to what you can do in a college open day, and how it can help you find the best school for your education in natural therapies.

The Benefits of Attending an Open Day

No school will allow you to loiter in its premises for no particular reason. But on open days, they welcome everybody to explore their grounds and check out their offerings, hoping that you'll find their programs aligned with your goals. Here are nine things you can do and learn from attending open days.

1. Learn firsthand about courses and career outcomes

Between reading about an institution on the internet and visiting it personally, you'll learn more by doing the latter. You can verify the information you gather online with a program manager during a college or university open day. It's the perfect time to enquire about the course you want to take, its curriculum and career paths you can take afterwards.

2. Get detailed information about your chosen course

Consult the school's course adviser to understand the scope of the course you want to take. They will not only guide you through the curriculum but also recommend potential courses that are in line with your career plans. You also want to know if the school allows online learning and students to study at their own pace.

3. Discuss course and career options

Sharing your career goals with a course adviser will lead you to other course options. Let's say you want to study massage therapy but also want to be able to incorporate essential oils into your practice. The course adviser may advise you to take a course in naturopathy or aromatherapy.

4. Meet lecturers and academic staff face-to-face

Your success as a student depends as much on the person delivering the course as it does on the school providing it. You want to learn from professional instructors recognised by the industry into which you want to get yourself. 

A college open day allows you to learn about the background of your would-be teachers, their experiences and teaching methods. 

5. Attend workshops for your area of study

Have you sampled a free product before? That's how open-day workshops work. They give you a peek into the course subjects to guide you in making informed decisions concerning your education.

6. See practical demonstrations

Want to know what your life as a student would be like six months or a year from now? Sitting in on a class will clue you in. In addition to the subjects taught, you'll get a feel of the practical training the school offers. Whether you're looking to enrol in a course in energy healing, chiropractic or hypnotherapy, get ready to see your future self up-close.

7. Get a feel of the campus with a tour

The ambience of a school will tell you if it's conducive for a natural therapy education or not. An open day allows you not only to walk around the school grounds but also check out the quality of its facilities.

8. Find out what VET FEE-HELP is all about

There's no better time to learn which schools are approved VET FEE-HELP providers than during a college open day. Find out what courses are covered by the student loan program and what percentage of your tuition fee shall be shouldered.

9. Meet and interact with students, past and present

The students of a college or university are reliable sources of information for your study. Listen to their stories—some may be positive while others negative. Just remember to take it with a certain degree of reservation, and don't let what you hear solely influence the outcome of your decision. 

Questions to Ask a College

Before you dive headlong into your chosen area of study, make sure you ask questions that give you a real insight into the institution and the courses they offer. Let's face it, these are potentially life-changing decisions you will be making. Some questions to ask include:

  • How many members of the academic staff teach at the college?
  • How many professors teach the course you intend to study?
  • How long is the course?
  • How flexible are study options?
  • Is VET FEE-HELP available for your course?
  • Is accommodation available and what standard is it?
  • Were the staff helpful during your visit?

Attending a college open day is a gainful experience that simplifies the process of choosing the right natural therapy course and where to study. Before showing up at open days, however, arrange a schedule with the staff you want to meet to save time and make the most of your visit.

In the meantime, find a course, school or college within your area on the Natural Therapy Pages.

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Originally published on Aug 14, 2020

FAQs About College Open Days

What is an open day at college?

A college open day is an event that allows the public to visit a school, college or university and get a firsthand experience of the things that go on in it. The event is meant to help you make informed decisions on what course to take and where to study it.

Is it important to go to university open days?

Yes, because it gives you the rare opportunity to meet the academic staff and students in your preferred area of study. You can get firsthand information on the course you want to take and potential career outcomes after graduation.

How do I let a college know I will be attending?

You can send them an email to advise them that you're attending their college open day. It's also wise to request a meeting with certain members of staff to talk about the course you want to enrol in.

What happens on an open day?

An open day allows you to learn about the course you want to take and get a feel of the school that's hosting it. You get to meet the teaching staff and students, as well as check out different facilities.

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